Easter Weekend

We had a really relaxing Easter weekend, and I was so, so thankful for it. Brandon just finished a major project less than two weeks ago, and his next busy season has pretty much started– so I was thankful for some family time this weekend. I love that Easter is such a powerful holiday– Jesus dying on the cross to save US and rising again. It’s just such an awesome feeling to think about!

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What’s a holiday weekend without a little busted lip action? Typical.

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We enjoyed some glorious, sunny weather here over the weekend, and we were loving it. The kids loved being outside, and I loved feeling the sunshine on my face. However, I caught some sort of allergy/cold bug and while I won’t complain about the weather after this insane winter we had, I could deal without feeling like garbage when it finally IS nice out.

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Brayden has been taking a liking to baseball lately, so we took advantage of the weather over the weekend to help him learn a little about the game. He is getting better at hitting the ball, but the rules of the game? Well, we might need more than one afternoon!

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Family, food, and good weather makes for two tired kiddos (and parents!) and I will admit, we rested most of Monday and Tuesday morning! I started working on my dresser project (more to come on that later) and we have eaten WAY too much Easter candy. I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend as well!

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It’s HERE!

If you are visiting from my old blog, welcome! I have been so excited to debut my new space! I hope you love it as much as I do. It was a change that needed to happen, and I am so happy to have a fresh, clean space to blog in! Aimee did an amazing job… 

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Not Crafty

I am not a crafty person. I don’t own lots of craft supplies for the kids, I loathe play-doh, and let’s face it: my blog isn’t exactly known for my wonderful DIY projects. I have tons of crafty friends but for whatever reason, I just never got that gene. Not a crafter, and not a… 

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Hello Spring!

Spring is finally here to stay (I hope!) and we took full advantage of the beautiful weather the last few days. The kids played hard outside and for the first time in months, they napped at the same time for over an hour! You name it, they love it. Bubbles, pushing each other in the… 

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Let’s Talk Glasses

Recently, after a trip to the eye doctor, I learned that I have astigmatism, resulting in me having to wear glasses to read or drive even though I had LASIK several years ago. I picked a set of frames, and when I checked out I was blown away by the high cost of eyeglasses! However,… 

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Things Loved Lately

Spring is FINALLY here (and I hope it stays this way!) and the newness of a new season has me really excited lately. Here are some other things that I am loving! This accent table– pretty sure I am getting these for our new bedroom in the new house! This floral kimono look from Kim… 

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Weekend Read: Tempting Fate

It has been awhile since I have been so sucked into a book, but I started this one on Friday evening, and I finished it Sunday afternoon. I could not put it down. So excuse me while I yawn my way through today, but this was worth it. Gabby is a middle aged housewife, with… 

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High Five for Friday

Friday, you sure do sneak up on me fast. This week flew by, probably because all of Monday I was recovering from some sort of awful 24 hour stomach bug. Blah. What an awful way to start the week, but I am SO thankful that no one else in the family got it! PHEW! This… 

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What I Wore Wednesday

Only a couple of outfits for this week. The stomach bug claimed me early Monday morning, and you can thank me for not showing you a photo of me from that 24 hours! flannel shirt: Gap (thrifted) // denim vest: Old Navy // black skinnies: Gap floral skinnies: Kut from the Kloth  // lace sweatshirt:… 

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Spring Break Recap

Brayden has been on spring break this week, and we have really enjoyed having some down time. Last Friday it was a beautiful 65 degrees, and we made the most of it! We were pretty much outside all day, and the kids were beat! We played at the airport with my parents dog, Brayden rode… 

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What I Wore Wednesday (plus a giveaway!)

It’s not a secret that I love scarves. I may or may not have close to 30 of them– in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Basically, I don’t discriminate. I love cowls, gauzy infinity, and scarves with fringe detail. It all started when I was nursing my kids- my scarves gave me a… 

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