My Rodan + Fields Experience + a giveaway!

A few months ago, I got in touch with Karla Gust, who is a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant. I had never heard of Rodan + Fields, but after clicking through Karla’s site, I was intrigued! Rodan + Fields is a skincare line created by the makers of Proactiv. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of Proactiv. They have a BIG following, so I was very, very interested in what they had to offer.

I used their online Solution Tool to customize results so I would know what skincare to choose. One of my biggest issues with my skin is that I have some dark spots from acne, especially around my lips. I always seems to break out near my lips and my chin! So frustrating! After using the Solution Tool, it recommended that I use the Reverse Regimen, so that’s where my Rodan + Fields Experience started!


I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived– it comes with a brochure of exactly HOW to use this system for the best results. For this, you go week by week, the first week, using it only in the morning, every other day. The following week, you use it every morning. So on and so forth until your skin acclimates to the regimen.

photo (21)

It couldn’t be easier! After two months, I really saw results!


My skin is smoother, my acne blemishes are not NEARLY as noticeable, and I really see a brightness to my skin that I didn’t see before. I was blown away. I had never had a product eliminate my trouble spots before, so I am glad I took the plunge to try Rodan + Fields. It is a product I truly love and will continue to use!


Karla wants to pass on the love to my readers, so today, she has two ways to get in on the fun!

+ The first 5 people that complete the online Solution Tool will receive a free mini facial sample from Karla. Be sure to put in your email address so you can get your facial!

+$75 gift card towards Rodan + Fields products!

As a bonus, if you sign up to be a preferred customer with an order of $80 or more, you will receive a free eye cream– a $60 value! 

Good luck!

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