Project 52: 4/52

There is nothing I love more about my morning routine than my cup of coffee. Sometimes, my best ideas come to me while I sit at our little farmhouse table. It brings a calmness to the start of my day.

When Brandon is working around home, he always comes in mid morning for a coffee break, and I have come to really enjoy that time with him. I always used to tell him how much I wanted to have coffee with him in the mornings. When we lived in town, he would leave early and go to his grandparents (which he still does) but when he is home, we get to have coffee. It’s the little things in life that make me the happiest. Truly.

Plus, I need that jump start to my day! Kenley has recently been sleepwalking/getting out of her bed multiple times/ I don’t know WHAT she is doing– so coffee. Coffee coffee coffee.

Project52-4 003

This weeks theme is shadows. Link up your Project 52 photos HERE.

Psssst: The black and white version of this photo is available for sale on my photography website.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.23.44 PM

A New Venture

A couple of months ago, my photography website got an all new design and format, and the changes have been a long time coming. I always wanted my clients to be able to view, order prints, and share with friends and family directly from my site. Now that feature is a reality and I couldn’t… 

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My Vacation in Dallas – Part 2

I am continuing my recap from my getaway to Dallas today! Click here for part 1. Wednesday: Sheana arranged a VIP tour of AT&T Stadium for us on Wednesday. I was particularly excited about this because every time I see that place on TV, I just want to go check it out. On the way,… 

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My Vacation in Dallas – Part 1

I first visited Dallas almost two years ago when I came down to see my friend Sheana AND we were extras in Hoovey the Movie! I intended to get here last year, but then we moved and the timing was off. Fast forward to November when I found round trip tickets for $160, and my… 

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Project 52-3

Project 52: 3/52

This week’s theme is out of focus. This is an out of focus photo of my husband’s grandpa’s tractor. It’s hanging out in our shed for the winter and the kids love looking at it! I couldn’t resist. Love the deep red color of those Internationals!


Traveling in Style

I am in Dallas currently spending a few days with my college roommate and let me tell you, this trip was a long time coming! I don’t travel a LOT, but I love to– so here’s what I have this trip that is making my life slightly easier. Penny Bag by Beso by Johanna I… 

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Project52-2 001

Project 52: 2/52

This week’s theme is My Everyday. Kenley is totally into dress up. All day, every day. These shoes I bought her for Brandon’s moms wedding, so now they are known as her “wedding shoes”. This girl slays me. Her imagination is bigger than I could have ever dreamed and I love getting to have this… 

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Some Favorites

Happy Tuesday! How are we two weeks into the new year already? Time seems to be flying at rapid pace, but I am sure that having plans for the next few weeks doesn’t help that! I am off to Dallas at the end of the week for some time with my college roommate, so my… 

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Winter Nights

When we moved to the country, one of the things I was excited for was the sunsets. There is nothing better then a country sunset, and this winter has not disappointed. Last week, the sky was starting to turn a beautiful pink, so I ran inside, scooped up my camera, and tromped through some snow… 

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Project 52: 1/52

Here is my photo from week one’s theme, time.   This clock was given to us for our wedding from my aunt and uncle, and honestly, it is one of my most treasured possessions. It previously resided in our kitchen at the old house, but now we are giving it new life and creating a… 

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Snow Day

Brayden and Kenley got their first real taste of playing in the snow last year about this time. After we had 4-5 inches Monday night, they were SO excited to get to play outside. Kenley and I went and grabbed snowboots and snow pants and as soon as Brayden was out of school Monday, they… 

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