Being Intentional Series {Part 3}

I’m back with Part 3 of my Being Intentional series. If you want to catch up, check out Part One and Part Two.


I am a creature of habit. In fact, I believe that most people are. Routines, predictability– those are the things we strive after. Even with our kids, we want predictability, routines and sleeping through the night. Those are not bad things, I too want those for my kids! BUT beyond the scope of our routines, a big part of living intentionally is changing up your routine once in a while and doing something different. It’s consciously knowing WHY you do WHAT you do. It’s taking off the auto-pilot and living with a real defined purpose.

For me recently, I have been very conscious about what I am eating. I am breaking free of my routine and changing things up! It’s been rewarding, but it’s been hard as well. Routines are hard to break, but when you can break free of them, the feeling is worth it! It’s been very enlightening to see how my mood affects what I eat, and how easily I can slip into those old routines.

As a mom, my days seem to be mostly on autopilot because I like structure, but knowing WHY I am doing laundry and dishes every single day to provide for my family has helped me see the value in what I do.

Why do you do what you do? Do you know? Are you doing something that you are good at? Or just doing something to get you by? It’s something to think about, and something that I am still learning a LOT about!


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