Dirty Kids are Happy Kids

There were two things that the kids could not WAIT to get at our new house– their swing set and their sand box.

There was one of those that I dreaded. I will let you figure that one out. *cough* SANDBOX *cough*

Truth be told, the sandbox is not my favorite thing. I just hate having it tracked in all over the place, and the first few times they were fighting about it, I wished we never had it.

Seems harsh, huh?


Brandon is the one that says “it’s just sand” and “they will only be little once” and it’s so true. Letting go and letting them get completely filthy is something they LOVE even when I am in the background cringing. They have such strong imaginations right now and listening to them play is proof of that. Sometimes, the inner clean freak inside of me needs to just take a chill pill.


It’s just sand.

They are building memories and their bond as siblings– what do I really have to complain about?

Sand on the floors and dirt on their faces is far, far too trivial to worry about. These summer days are going by way too fast, so I am doing my best to embrace the dirt for soon, it will be too cold or we will be too busy to just lounge around in the sandbox.

Are you embracing summer? Already on track for back to school? It makes me crazy to think that in 3.5 weeks, we will be back on a school schedule!



  1. says

    Sand on the floor and a ring around the bathtub, dirt under their nails and streaked across their faces. The sandbox is the biggest thing in our yard in the summer. They basically play well together in there and with the neighbor-kids too. We just have to remind them to dump their shoes out outside and not inside on the floor.

  2. Samantha says

    OH MY WORD! With two boys, I’ve DEFINITELY been there. Loving that more moms are embracing the dirt of motherhood! xoxoo

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