This article is sponsored by Mrs. Band. All opinions are my own, and they are that I AM ENOUGH.

There are days where I simply don’t feel like I am enough. I didn’t get enough done, my dinner wasn’t good enough, I didn’t spend quality time with the kids, and my house definitely isn’t up to my standards. You can all relate I am sure! As a busy mom and wife, somedays there just isn’t enough time to be good enough at EVERYTHING. I am learning to be OK with that. I need to be OK with that, because I want to set a good example for my kids as well.


As you know, for the last 6 months or so, I have been on a weight loss journey and lifestyle change to help be the mom and woman I know I am capable of being. I am trying to really focus on being the bests version of me, but on the days that I am feeling down, I know that I am enough. It takes continual inspiration from my friends, my family, and sometimes, even music.

The Mrs. Band is debuting their EP this fall, and their very first song “Enough” is inspired by women. The Mrs. Band’s songs sound like what you would hear on pop radio right now, but their message is so different. At the ages of mid-thirties and early forties, songs about heartbreak didn’t resonate with them. They wanted to connect with women that were in the same stages as them: juggling careers, children, marriage and friendships all while trying to find their own identities.

The Mrs. Band wants to inspire us all to change our inner voice from one that doubts ourselves to one that says I AM ENOUGH! Notice the mirror selfie up there? It’s a visual reminder that I am ENOUGH, even on the days when doubt seems to creep in. They are encouraging woman everywhere to share this message and be proud of being ENOUGH by taking selfies and sharing them on various social media platforms with the hashtag #imenough! Fun, right? I encourage you to check out their site, enoughvideo.com, and get in on the fun.

Do you know you are enough?


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    I just saw this on another blog earlier today and I’m just captivated by it! It’s such a wonderful message – I can’t wait to hear more from this band!

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