Love Your Ordinary

There is nothing extraordinary about me, my day to day routine, or my life. I am just an ordinary midwestern girl who married her high school sweetheart, and now I stay home with our two kids.



I remember days when I had newborns and how I would feel as if I got nothing accomplished. I was trapped to a baby all day long, with a husband at work, and I felt like this couldn’t possibly be it for my life. A small part of my heart craved something more. Something tangible.

Then a reminder from my mom one day changed my entire perspective. It wasn’t about what was being accomplished in the house, it was what I was accomplishing as a mother. I was a comfort, a source of nutrition, security, and the only thing those tiny little newborns knew. If all I did all day was sooth a crying baby and let them nap on my chest, so be it. It was worth it. My ordinary changed into something extraordinary that I was determined not to take for granted.

The most ordinary things in my life now are the things I love the most. Being with my husband and kids, random family get togethers, getting together with friends, snuggling in front of a movie, and being able to eat a meal together. It’s the small things in life that bring me the most joy.

If you are a new mom in the trenches in motherhood, know that your work is extraordinary. Even if you are stuck in the same clothes for two days, you matter! For those of you in any other stage of life, your lives are extraordinary as well, even if they seem the opposite. It’s finding the mindset that the little things matter. Embrace that! Take a step back from your routine and appreciate it. Slow down, and I promise, you will find the joy in the smallest things of life.

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    Good reminder to those new moms. I too remember those first moments at home with our first baby….loving it, but taking some time to adjust to it.

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